Friday, January 5, 2018

FPC Square Neck Dress Hack

I love Friday Pattern Company's Square Neck top. I have 2 already, and keep finding myself envisioning more and more whenever I come across an interesting fabric.

I made plans with my best friend to go out dancing in San Francisco for New Years' Eve, and promptly tore apart my wardrobe trying to find something I wanted to wear, but nothing was quite up to muster. (Is it a coincidence that all of my formal wear is RTW and now that I'm sewing more, supremely unsatisfying? I think not.) 2017 was really rough for me personally and politically, and I wanted to send it off feeling like myself again: sparkly, happy, ready for anything...
Mission accomplished—and how cute is my BFF?!
With this in mind, I started obsessively brainstorming NYE dress options. I thought about pushing ahead one of my #2018makenine projects, a dyed Mito cami, but decided in the end that I really did want that to just be a cami rather than a dress since I don't wear dresses all that often and didn't want to waste fabric on something that would never leave my closet.

I came across this amazing black, glittery jersey fabric at Joann's and instantaneously knew it was destined to be my NYE dress. It took all of 5 minutes to decide on another iteration of the FPC Square Neck top, this time hacked to be a mini dress. Best of all? With some mad couponing skills, I got enough fabric for this project and (soon) a first try at the Watson bra/undies set for $8.

This hack was SO easy. Because the pattern already has a boxy, raglan fit, and my hip measurement is not much larger than my bust measurement, I was able to simply add 12" length, following the gentle outward slope of the pattern to accommodate needed booty wiggle room. I have a fairly short torso, so ymmv. I recommend measuring from your shoulder to where you want your hem to fall and compare that to the pattern. I also scooped into the armpit to give it a slightly less raglan look, and added a teeny curve (.5") into each side for a more defined waist, though I didn't want to sacrifice the boxy look entirely.
The result was perfect. Mini but not "constantly tugging my hemline down" mini, comfortable, and GLITTERY. I danced my little butt off, feeling a bit magical as I said hello to 2018—that's about as good as it gets.

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