Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Papercut Patterns Mito Cami

Before my big move I whipped up one of the Papercut Patterns Mito Cami and I am... not sure how I feel about this pattern.

Part 1: Papercut Patterns Mito Cami Pattern Review

I used a white tencel twill (yes, white... stay with me) from Fabric Outlet in SF. It is as soft as puppy ears and that is no joke. I want everything I own to be tencel. BUT it was challenging to sew with—slightly slippery, and frays if you so much as look at it. After reading other reviews, I sized down to an XS (with a 36" bust) and I really could go either way. I wish the bottom of the bust cups were lower, but they also gape quite a bit so I'm not sure sizing up would fix my fitting woes.

Things I like:
  • The bust cups are self lined, meaning they are just as pretty on the inside. I think if I ever make this pattern again, I'll add some extra seam allowance on the side seams and bust cup bottom edges to be able to do French seams so that the rest of its guts are pretty, too. As is, I had to zig zag within my seam allowance because I'm worried this super fray-prone fabric will unravel quickly.
  • Attaching the straps was so easy! This process is about a zillion times easier than the ways I've had to do for other patterns and I'm in love. It helps that they are adjustable and only attaching at one point, but what I expected to be the most challenging part absolutely was not at all!
  • The BACK! I am obsessed with the back. I didn't know the back of a cami could be so flattering!
  • The final product overall is modern and chic, and different enough to feel special but not so different as to stand out in a bad way.

Things I don't like:
  • I wish the bust cups weren't quite as deep vertically at the sides, and probably will bring them up a couple inches for a rounded, more lingerie style bust cup if I use this pattern again. As is, they reach almost to my waist, which looks very tent-y in the front. It's not at all flattering for my chest or my waist, which is a damn shame for someone who feels really confident about those particular features.
  • Making the straps was not nearly as easy as attaching them. I always say "never again" whenever I make spaghetti straps but I can't seem to stay away!  I hadn't before used the safety pin method and I highly recommend using the largest safety pin you can fit down your tubes. I think I'm going to spend a few bucks on this because if I had a swear jar I would be bankrupt after this fiasco.
  • The lower front pattern piece doesn't really match the bust cups that well. In order to get my bust cups to reach the center (rather than like an inch gap between them) I had about an inch excess fabric at the center point of the front bottom. I double and triple checked my cutting and everything looks kosher so I'm not really sure what's going on there.

Stay tuned for part 2, where I am semi-successful at taking my Mito from snow to scarlet...

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