Monday, December 17, 2018

Rachael's Secret: Saying Goodbye to RTW undies

Part of my 2018 Make Nine goals was to replace all my worn out, dingy bras with pretty me mades. I tried to muslin the Watson Bra by Cloth Habit (which I hoped to make a swimsuit out of for another 2018 Make Nine goal) as a stepping stone to that, and I REALLY struggled with the elastic and sewing with delicate fabrics like power mesh, which tells me I'm not quite ready to start sewing fancy, lacy underwire bras.

I have been experimenting with undies, using up scraps from other projects that use knits, which both gets me more comfortable with elastics and helps me phase out my sad RTW pairs in good conscience. I initially started with the FREE Rosy Ladyshorts from Cloth Habit, and have altered that pattern to fit me more comfortably by lowering the rise by 1.5" and widening the crotch by .5".

This was a great first try, and it helped me realize what I like best about my most well loved RTW undies so I did a couple rub offs and hacked it with the Rosy Ladyshorts pattern as a base, though the final product doesn't look much like it.

Some things I've learned already:
  • Matching thread to lace elastic is way more important that I thought. Though it's not noticeable to anyone except me (generally true for undergarments anyway lol), I hate the white thread I used on the yellow pair—realistically, it would've been silly to have bright yellow thread I would probably never use again, but it would've been a nice touch to make them look more professional.
  • The stretch of lace elastic is so hard to predict. The Rosy pattern has a guideline for lace lengths that I found a little tight on the legs for my first pair. The second pair should've been about the same, but I found that I had about an inch leftover and the elastic is just slightly loose and I know will stretch out fast. Any tips on this, fellow memade undie makers?
  • I personally prefer patterns that are one piece on the front, but two on the back. The Rosy's ride up front in an uncomfortable way (sorry, impossible not to get a little TMI in this post), but I like a cheekier fit. Three piece patterns it is!

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