Monday, May 20, 2019

Sewing "Frosting": Bay to Breakers Disco Bodysuit

I totally missed the "Sew Frosting Challenge" hosted by True Bias and Closet Case Patterns last fall, but I absolutely loved seeing everyone's pretty, impractical makes. I love sewing for sustainability and it's super important to me, but equally important is having the passion for sewing that can get me to a slow fashion closet and sometimes that means something a little more "out there" to get the sewjo flowing.

Part of my 2019 Make Nine included "something sparkly." In the past year, since I moved to San Francisco, I've been experimenting more and more with what I wear. I'm into glittery earrings, colorful outfits, rich textures. It helps living right next to a bunch of really well stocked thrift and vintage stores and that my amazing queer community here is always ready to turn a look on a Friday night. I've been so inspired by London-based artist Florence Given, whose insta stories of her dancing and being silly in wild outfits make me smile every time. I had a moment where I was like "I wish I was an artist and could dress a little eccentric like that," and immediately realized that, while I work a more traditional 9-5, no one at the small company I work for gives two shits and I really and truly can wear whatever I want. I put no restrictions on what "something sparkly" means, knowing that when a special occasion or perfect fabric presented itself, I would know what to do.


Sunday, May 12, 2019

Simplicity 1105 Trapeze Dress

I haven't sewn in MONTHS. I've not had the energy, and I've not had the inspiration. Sitting down to the machine felt like a chore on my to-do list, and I was feeling guilty for not posting more often. I had to actively remind myself that the reason I started sewing was to slow down my fashion, to be more sustainable. Forcing myself to churn out lots of new clothes is not the point.

Anyways, I was packing for my dreamy Hawaii vacation and wanted to have something a little nicer than the sundresses I already owned for going to a luau with my lovely host, my college roommate. I'm not a big dress person generally, so the sundresses I have are more beach cover up or picnic in the park level of casual. While I really really love them, they just weren't right for that particular occasion.

Lucky for me, a dear friend got me this gorgeous fabric (content unknown) when she was traveling in Colombia last year. I've been saving it for something special, and a floaty sundress is exactly what it deserved to be. I had this pattern, Simplicity 1105 by Cynthia Rowley, in my stash for probably 4 or 5 years and never gotten around to making it. Truly serendipitous.