Saturday, June 22, 2019

Self-drafted Lace Undies

Y'ALL. I made underwear. I made LACE underwear. I made lace underwear and it wasn't nearly as challenging as I had thought it would be!

I had been dreaming of making a drawer full of gorgeous underthings almost since I started sewing, but it felt nearly impossible. I thought my machine would suck the lace into the needle plate. I thought the stitches would be uneven where it goes into the pattern of the lace. I thought—more than anything else—I would destroy some really precious fabric. That fear kept me away from the lingerie drawer of my dreams until today! I was at my favorite fabric shop Fabric Outlet here in San Francisco to pick up fabric for another project I'm planning (more on that soon) and ran across this midnight blue stretch lace in the bargain bin. I still can't believe it! Serendipity! I got a yard, which was BARELY enough (learning things all over the place today!). I rubbed off a pair of RTW cheeky-fit undies I have and love the fit of. All together it took me just an hour, and I'm a slow sewist.

I cannot express how pleased I am with myself with this project. When I finished and had not destroyed the lace and made something truly pretty in the process, I nearly cried, no exaggeration. I'm already scouring the internet for more great stretch lace. Any favorite retailers?

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