Friday, December 27, 2019

Make Nine 2020

When I wrote my 2019 Make Nine and reflected on 2018, I set the intentions to sew more regularly and play with my personal style more. And wow have I done that! 2019 has been a year of collecting big sparkly earrings, wearing more color, and working on larger, more long-term sewing projects that challenge my skills.

I've had a bit of stagnation in other parts of my life (career, romance), so I'm really proud of myself that I've made protecting and fostering my creativity a priority this year. I want to keep that going into to 2020, with projects that challenge me a little bit, all in different ways: size, unfamiliar materials, new shapes, pattern drafting and more!

On my list this year:
  1. Then Came June Sun Flare Quilt - I started this project this past summer as part of my revised 2019 Make Nine, and I've done over half of the piecing for the blocks, so 2020 will be finishing that and then piecing the blocks together! I would like to learn how to use a long arm machine, so I've also been researching places in the Bay Area where I could take a class or two.
  2. Satin undies - This is a picture of @ohhhlulu's Delphine thong in a beautiful satin. I really love the front of this, but I'm not much of a thong person, so I'm not set on a pattern yet BUT I've been improving my lingerie skills this year with a few batches of semi-successful undies. Top of my Christmas list this year was a serger, because my zig zag stitch just isn't quite cutting it. I want FANCY GROWN UP LADY lingerie, and when the lace pulls out from the stitches, it really undercuts that message. Any recommendations of good satins for lingerie? Lingerie fabric suppliers you love?
  3. Rachel Comey for Vogue 1247 - I've been branching out into skirts this year, and really love tapping into that more feminine, girly look (usually paired with tights and combat boots, but that's my version of feminine and girly!). I made one of @sarahkirsten's Aster skirts earlier this year, and as cute as it was, the tie waist just isn't for me. I think I just feel more comfortable in really structured skirts. I want to make the V1247 skirt because I love every iteration I've seen but... I can't find the pattern for sale for less than $90. I'm a gentle tracer if you have one you'd be willing to loan!
  4. Vogue 9253- This is another piece brought over from my 2019 Make Nine. I realized when I started planning it that I LOVE the top and the general shape of the skirt, but I'm truly not a dress/skirt person, so I'm working on adapting the pattern to be a jumpsuit! Stay tuned.
  5. Rope bag from "Baskets: Projects, techniques and inspirational designs for you and your home" by Tabara N'Diaye aka @LABasketry. I've requested my library get a copy of this book and I am so excited for this! It looks roomy and more sturdy and much cuter than the free New Yorker tote (you know the one) I've been using as my go to errand-running bag the past couple years.
  6. Monogram embroidery using pattern by Lark Rising - how pretty is this marbling pattern?! I love what @elisalex did adding a monogram to this otherwise fluid design. Something a little slower than cross-stitch, which I speed through too quickly.
  7. @EvieLaLuve Ravyn harness - I have a vision of this—definitely the garter, possibly a matching bra— in lilac elastic, and I picked up a gob last time my true love Fabric Outlet was having a good sale. I just need to track down affordable hardware!
  8. @MissMake Looper Quilt - this is probably the project I'm most excited about for 2020. It's SUCH a beautiful pattern, and Miss Make has put together a really comprehensive quilt along tutorial that I'm sure will make my first foray into curved piecing a breeze. SO EXCITED!
  9. Knitted snood - Yes, that is a picture of me. Yes, I made that snood/circle scarf a couple years ago when I first started Rachael Really Made. Yes, I lost that snood like the third time I wore it, in the San Francisco airport on my way to a snowy London, where I had to buy a replacement scarf that I hate but have been stuck with for two years. That changes in 2020! 


  1. It's on ebay right now for $39.00 buy it now.

  2. Oh, so sweet of you to do some homework for me! Lucky for me, I had a lovely woman offer to share her copy with me and I'm eagerly checking my mailbox waiting for it!

    1. Even better. Sprout got a beginner sewing machine for christmas.


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