Monday, March 9, 2020

Vogue 1247

Like all good stories, this project starts with the kindness of a stranger. When I set my goals for my Make Nine 2020, I had decided on making the much-loved Vogue 1247 skirt, but was having trouble finding a copy as the pattern is long out of print.

Well, I'm a professional researcher (actually), so I hunted in Pattern Review forums and found someone who offered to share her copy to another person early in 2019, clicked through her profile to her blog and found contact information. She gladly agreed to send me her copy and insisted I keep the copy when I was done with it. Have I mentioned that I really love the internet?

I sewed this up in a black 14 wale corduroy from, with leftover blue mystery fabric (feels like tencel) I got as a remnant from Fabric Outlet for the pocket lining to reduce a little bulk. This is also the FIRST! project I've finished using my new overlocker machine that I got for Christmas (other than a bunch of little reusable cotton squares I made as practice), and I'm tickled pink with how it turned out. It took me a while to get a hang of it, so there's some bites taken out of the pocket area by the overlocker knife where I wasn't QUITE ready to start taking on such tight turns. 😂

I added 1.5" of length and it's still pretty short—next time I'll probably add 2" and only hem 1.5" instead of 2" like the pattern calls for. If I was doing this in corduroy again, I might add another 1/4" to the waistband, because it's just the slightest bit snug, but not enough to be uncomfortable.

If you're inclined to draft a copycat, here are some measurements for size 14 (36-28-38). These measurements include seam allowances of 5/8" except where noted.

  • Cut waistband 35.25" wide and 4.5" tall (cut 1 fabric, 1 interfacing). This includes 1.25" extra on one end to lap over for a waistband hook or button—the waistband is 17"x 2.25" not including this overhang and after folding over the waistband.
  • The yoke is 6 5/8" tall and 19.5" wide at the top (add two 1.25"x5.75" darts on both the front and back yokes to make each 17" finished). The front yoke is 21.5" wide at the bottom, and the back yoke is 22.5" wide at the bottom. The front yoke has the inside side of the pockets at the bottom.
  • The bottom is 12.75" tall on both the front and back, including a 2" hem. This includes an extra 1.5" that I added compared to the pattern. The bottom is also 23" wide on the front and 25" wide on the back.
  • The pockets are 8" wide and 7" deep. There is 1" width between them on the yoke, but the stitch line is 3" when you attach the yoke to the other side of the pockets.
Here are some sketches that I hope help—I swear it looks more complicated than it is!



I highly recommend this pattern, especially in corduroy. It's so flattering and one of the comfiest skirts I own. I totally get the hype!

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