About Me

My Story 

I grew up in a suburb of Atlanta, Georgia before moving to the Central Valley of California as a teen. I studied political science at UC Davis, before going across the pond to get a Masters in Gender, Development and Globalisation at the London School of Economics. I’ve lived and worked in Sacramento, Washington, D.C., and the incomparable San Francisco. 

While I sew... 

I like to listen to dance music, NPR’s Code Switch, or “Gilmore Girls”  on Netflix in the background. 

When I’m not sewing… 
  • I’m an avid traveler, having been to 24 countries (and counting!)
  • I’m always reading, and especially enjoy reading stories, fictional and otherwise, about kickass women
  • Glitter makes me feel magical
  • I believe the personal is political and eat, sleep, and breathe politics. Debating is my M.O. 

I sew because… 

In my Masters we talked a lot about responsibility: responsibility to others and responsibility for others and what each entails. I believe I am responsible to the people of the world, especially those without the resources to be able to advocate for themselves and be heard by those in power. I am also responsible for myself, including my consumption. For these reasons, I am a proud adherent to the slow fashion movement, and, when this information is knowable, try to source all my fabric from producers with equitable labor standards and smart environmental policies. For someone Type A like me, sewing is also a fun creative outlet that allows me to plan, plan, and plan some more!