Monday, November 20, 2017

Sarah Kirsten's Morning Glory Top

Even though it's starting to cool down in California, meaning jeans and *gasp* long sleeves most days, I saw Sarah Kirsten's Morning Glory top on Instagram and was totally fixated on it. It's completely impractical for this time of year, but it jumped to the top of my sewing queue nonetheless. I'm justifying it by recognizing that since I'm spending so many hours camped out at my desk/in a coffee shop doing job applications, something pretty and that makes me feel special is completely practical.

This FREE pattern/tutorial is a dream. It's super simple, and I always really, really enjoy pattern drafting. This is a blissfully happy medium between a ready-made pattern and drafting my own. Also, it's my first experience with French seams and man alive, they are so satisfying!

I whipped this up in a heavenly cotton gauze from Hart's, and I'm so happy with how it turned out! It sewed up in an easy hour—I didn't even get through my Spotify discover weekly before I finished—and is a fantastic project for beginners, especially since it's a very accessible way to understand how patterns are made and how the geometry of sewing works out.

I think next time I'll make it a bit longer and make the back panels each a couple inches less wide so the ties will be more sharply angled downward. In order to get the ties tied securely, mine doesn't tie flush with the bottom hem like Sarah Kirsten's model does, and I much prefer the clean look of hers. I might alter this one to have that sharper angle, but I'm so pleased with the hems that I'm not sure I can be bothered!

What is your "completely impractical but makes me feel special" garment?

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