Monday, November 13, 2017

Simplicity D0746 Leggings

One day when I was hanging out in JoAnn's, as I am wont to do, I found this killer spacey athletic wear knit. I was totally smitten.

After my breakup earlier this year, one of my lovely London housemates twisted my arm (very little twisting required) to go with her to a yoga class. I'm still very, very green to yoga, but I've kept with it the last 5 months since and have found it so so helpful for keeping it together as I process these huge changes in my life. I won't evangelize too much but I am a total convert and I'm very grateful for the gentle nudge by a thoughtful friend towards prioritizing regular mental and physical self care.

ANYWAY this means that my 2 pairs of leggings that had previously been happily relegated to nothing more than chillin' like a villain were getting a little worse for wear. Not to be too gross, but I couldn't wash them regularly enough between classes to prevent them from smelling BAD—life sans clothes dryer is grim, y'all.

All this to say, I want to beef up my yoga wardrobe. I got a couple pairs from Fabletics which I love, but are just outside of my price range for individual purchase and I simply do not need a zillion dollars of new athletic clothes every single month to warrant a subscription. Also, I had a hard time finding info on the labor practices of Fabletics, which may mean nothing or may mean something, but it makes it hard for me to make a purchase I can feel good about, so I won't.

So there I am, smitten in JoAnn's. I snatch up a couple yards of this super cool spacey fabric and, just out of curiosity, meander over to the pattern vault and lo and behold! The Simplicity D0746 pattern was right there on top! And on sale! Sewing nirvana.

Note: when trying to find other reviews of this pattern, I see that many have the same pattern with a different pattern number (8424). Any sewists out there know why this is the case?

I dove straight into View C (without the added leg straps), and I have to say this project was quite a learning experience for me. I had never worked with spandex before, and found it really difficult since it doesn't slide against itself the same way that regular knits do, so I struggled to keep my raw edges together. I also had never used elastic before, but I'm a fast learner so the front facing is perfect and pretty and the back facing... is in the back where I don't have to look at it!

I usually size down for Big 4 patterns, but I think the negative ease on this one is pretty borderline. It's still comfortable and I have no trouble getting it over my hips or anything like that, but I think it is a bit more see through when I bend over than I would like. Not so much that I'm not going to wear them still, but I slightly resent that I'm thinking about what my underwear looks like before a yoga class! Next time, I'm going to go by the book with sizing and try on a single leg, taking the pattern in as necessary before putting everything together.

All that being said, I love this pattern and will definitely use it again. It's very simple if you don't do the leg straps (which, why would you? Can someone clue me in?) and sews up pretty quickly, two hours tops. View D in this pattern has also quickly shot to the top of my sewing to do list—stay tuned!

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