Friday, December 1, 2017

Simplicity D0746 Tank Top

A couple weeks ago I posted about making View C (capri leggings) from Simplicity D0746, and this weekend I followed it up with View D, a really cute gathered camisole tank top.

This project was MUCH harder than I anticipated. It's been awhile since I've worked with knits, and I was surprisingly "out of shape." I'm also still very new to elastic and it kind of kicked my ass. That being said, I made this in the dreamiest bamboo knit from Hart's and I hope I get better with knits because I want everything I own to be bamboo knit—stupid comfortable, eco-friendly fabrics? Count me allllll the way in.

I used the dental floss method of gathering (#14 here) for the first time and found it about a zillion times easier than the traditional method once I got a hang of it. I managed to salvage this garment despite some serious errors (lots of cursing and picking seams out on this one, ladies and gents).

Changes I would make if I make this top again (and I think I will, to redeem myself!) include:
  • lengthening the back and left front pieces an inch since this is cropped just a tad high for my taste
  • shortening the right front to land at my bust line, rather than my waist as it currently does to create a shelf-bra situation
  • Most importantly, adjusting the neckline to curve under each breast, rather than cut diagonally across as designed. I couldn't tell from the pattern envelope, but unless you are very small-chested, this will cut across your chest in a seriously uncomfortable way. On the version that I made, I tucked the pieces under to where it would be comfortable and tacked the left to the right in the very center of my bust line about an inch, maintaining a natural "gathering" on the right piece. I think it's really flattering and it's 1000x more comfortable.
I'm going to wear this to pilates next week and update y'all on how it works in action. I think I managed to work my most serious fitting issues out, so fingers crossed!

What's been challenging you lately? Do you have any pieces that are criminally comfortable? Show me!

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